Friday, September 14, 2012

Guide to lose weight fast without doing exercises

In this post I will share tips help you lose weight quickly without exercise.
Many people want to lose some kilo and maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately all did not have time to work on regular basis. There are ways to lose weight quickly without exercise.

My first advice is to lose the weight with water. Certain drugs such as birth control pills and prescription steroids cause water retention.
Drink eight a 10 day water to evacuate excess fluid in your body and lose the peas, learn other method to lose weight with water.

Reduce your caloric intake to lose weight without exercise, eat 500 calories less each day. With less than 500 calories each day you will lose at least 1 kg per week.
You seriously on how to lose weight quickly read this post learn you step by step on how to lose weight quickly.

Stay away from powered rich in fat. Fatty food increases your weight, especially if you do you will not lead. To lose weight, pay attention to the food labels of the produced and buy it low fat or fat free. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables spawning, and avoid fast food and food fried.

Consider to reduce your consumption of carbohydrates. People who exercise can consume up to 130 grams of carbohydrate per day if you try to lose weight quickly without exercise, stick has a low e carbohydrate less than 30 grams per day plan.

Eliminate sugar from your diet. If you do not have the time or desire to exercise, extract sugar from your diet. Choose drink without sugar and snacks.

how lose weight with water - 9 ways to lose weight with water

lose weight drinking water : Drinking water can be an excellent help you to lose weight quickly. Here is how to lose weight with water.

1. Drink a glass of water before the meal to eat less. Fill your stomach with water. This glass of water will empechercher too eat and you help you lose weight more rapidly.

2. Begin by measuring the consumption of sodium, too much sodium in your diet can bring on the weight of the water.
Be careful the amount of sodium consumed and limit your intake n sodium lower than 2400 mg / day.

3. Consumption of eight glass of water a day is a one of the best ways to get rid of the pea water. Read this post you other advice for losing weight rapidly.

4. Take a banana. Potassium regulates the level of liquid in your body and a low potassium diet can trained fluid accumulation.

5. Remove from water with caffeine. Moderate Caffeine consumption can help your body to be rid of water accumulate.

6. Experience with a low carbohydrate, the retention of water and dietary carbohydrate diet go hand in hand. Eat less carbohydrates to reduce the weight of the water - less than 20 a 30 grams per day.

7. Sweat the excess fluid. Move and l exercise to help your body to lose water.

8. Replace beverages sweetened with water.

9. Drink water and redue brings it in salt water to lose weight. Reduce the amount of salt you eat food. Can help you lose weight with water quickly, especially when it is combined with an increase of daily water consumption.

how to lose weight quickly - 5 steps to lose weight fast

You read the advice of my blog because you want to lose weight quickly. I present to you my beautiful 5 tips to help lose weight quickly. read my guide to lose weight rapidly
Step 1: drink a glass of water before eating

Drink a glass of water before eating. Fill your stomach with water will help the appetite. This glass of water will prevent you from too eat and help you lose weight more rapidly.

Step 2: eat 5-6 meals a day
Eat 5-6 meals a day. By eating actually increase more frequently you your metabolism which helps you lose weight more rapidly. Then eat small meals more frequently and do not skip breakfast.

Step 3: eat more fiber
Eat more fibre. The next time that you go do the grocery attention to the food label and buy a high fibre content. Adding fiber to your diet will help you lose weight more rapidly.

step 4:  stop the sugar
The objective will be to cut out the sugar. It is easier a say and difficult has to do for most of us, but if you want to start to see the results that you need to put down the cookies.
If you are very serious on the subject of losing weight, this step should be your first goal.

Step 5: measure
Lose the scale and start measuring, get out the tape measure and begin tracking your zones to problems (thighs, belly, buttocks).

Start to put these tips you will see results within a week, if know of other method if you like don't hesitate to share in the comment section.